Hourly Rate

$40.00 per hour on regular day

$60.00 per hour during holidays (New Years Eve after 6PM, New Years Day, Easter, 4th of July, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve after 6PM and Christmas Day)


2 hours minimum required within a 5 mile radius of Beverly Hills. A traveling fee will be applied to any starting/ending point outside of that proximity.
Hours are billed to the nearest half hour. 


Client will be charged a minimum of 10 hours of service per overnight stay.
Client is responsible for the chauffeur’s meal and board.


12 hours prior to start time, otherwise there will be a $40 charge.
PAYMENT TERMS: a valid form of payment is required to book our services and will be collected upon arrival. Final payment will be billed upon completion.


Client assumes full liability for any incidents occuring during the service and not resulting from the driver’s negligence.
Drug use and/or storage of anyting illegal in the vehicle driven by Drivvon driver is prohibited by law. All liability lies solely with the customer.
In the event of the driver’s safety being in jeopardy, Drivvon’s driver has the right to terminate the service without refund at anytime.
Drivvon is not liable for any vehicle's mechanical breakdown while our service is being provided.
Drivvon is not responsible for any delays in travel time due to unforeseen weather, traffic, road conditions or delays beyond our control.
Vehicles cannot be loaded beyond seating capacity while services are provided by Drivvon drivers.

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards
- Venmo

- Paypal


In the event of an invalid payment, Drivvon may incur costs and/or legal fees related to the collection of the outstanding balance. Client agrees to be liable for any and all reasonable legal fees and costs, in addition to the outstanding balance.